De Novos

The launch of a financial institution can be an ambitious undertaking. Whether starting a new charter or acquiring assets, a de novo must have the tools and experience on its side to successfully build a presence in the industry.

It takes planning, organization and execution to start a bank or credit union and strategically position your de novo in a crowded industry marketplace to draw consumers. That calls for a strategy to establish a strong foundation – and for a partner with the seamless solutions tailored for your de novo to succeed.

A de novo financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, has been in operation for five years or fewer. It is a newly chartered institution not purchased as an acquisition. The application process to start a de novo can take a year or longer. Expect to supply detailed documentation, such as how you will meet the convenience and needs of the community, and how you’ll raise the necessary capital to carry out your business plan. Expect your new financial institution to come under regulatory agency scrutiny during the first year or two.

Fiserv supports de novos with an array of industry-specific technology and products. We’ve worked with more than 1,400 de novo banks and credit unions since 2000, and offer service bureau and in-house processing systems, e-commerce solutions, facilities and resource management, and a wide range of complementary solutions to meet clients’ diverse business needs. We also offer a turnkey solution for launching a branchless direct bank quickly and cost-effectively.

Providing more than the technology, we educate our clients, provide market data, and help set up the processes they need to be successful.


Consumers choose to interact in person, online, on the phone or via mobile devices. Your new financial institution can employ the innovative tools from Fiserv to ensure that every customer or member interaction is meaningful and builds upon the cross-channel banking experience.

Our online banking solutions enable consumers to:

  • Conduct basic financial transactions, such as viewing account balances and history, making transfers, canceling checks, viewing check images and accessing electronic statements
  • Perform self-service functions on a variety of financial accounts
  • Manage personal and business finances online and download information to accounting or tax preparation software
  • View aggregated account information
  • Receive alerts and engage in online chat
  • Manage user access and function
Whether the target market of your de novo financial institution includes individuals, families, small businesses or corporations, you’ll find our award-winning online banking solutions easy, intuitive, seamless and streamlined. Visit the FDIC Bank Applications page for more helpful information, including resources for attaining the FDIC approval process.


Fiserv offers multiple banking platforms and the industry’s largest portfolio of solutions, from innovative payment technologies to insightful business analysis, to meet your de novo’s unique needs, including:

  • Advanced platforms to help de novo financial institutions prosper in the first few years by providing excellent customer service, streamlined back-office operations, and cutting-edge products and services in a changing environment
  • Unparalleled integration to valuable add-on solutions, including business intelligence, branch automation, and risk and compliance solutions
  • Business continuity, education and other professional services
  • Expertise with start-up institutions, technology conversion and integration, market analysis, regulatory compliance and more

Fiserv helps you set up operations for your de novo bank or credit union and implement technology and support. You can choose to outsource Fiserv account processing systems for your institution or license and operate in-house processing at your facility.

Whichever option you choose, Fiserv can deliver an integrated solution that handles loans, deposits, e-commerce transactions, ATM/POS driving and switching, and network processing, check and image processing, retail and business solutions, and much more.