Government Services from Fiserv helps federal, state and local agencies effectively manage financial transactions in the ever-changing payments environment. From payments and loan processing to investment services and financial crime prevention, our solutions provide flexible, scalable back-office support for federal and municipal systems.

Government agencies face the same business challenges as any other organization, including increasing electronic payment options and the continued focus on operational efficiencies. New technologies have given rise to convenient online payments, person-to-person payments, B2C disbursements and advanced mobile functionality. At the same time, technology is making security and risk prevention readily available, including more sophisticated tools for fraud, improper payment, money laundering and authentication tools. 


At Fiserv, we offer tools and expertise to optimize your processing capabilities and enhance the end-user experience. From software solutions to business process managed services such as call center capabilities and item processing and remittance, we can help federal, state and local government agencies develop and implement a comprehensive payments strategy to achieve business objectives.  


We tailor our financial solutions and services to help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies, improve processes, facilitate integration with existing systems, enhance the end-user experience, and mitigate fraud, waste and abuse. We provide software solutions and business process managed services for call centers, item processing and remittance, student loan technology, digital disbursements, and online payments to help you develop and implement a comprehensive payments strategy that achieves your business objectives, including transparency and accuracy.