Customer & Channel Management

Whether you want to better manage customer relationships across several screens or use new channels for marketing and loyalty programs, Fiserv offers a range of solutions to help you forge lasting relationships with customers.

You serve customers through many different channels. From traditional and in-store branches, drive-thrus and ATMs to remote facilities offering walk-in bill pay and merchant deposit capture, banking customers demand choices and convenience. The trick is to stay ahead of the curve as technology and customer demands converge to create new service opportunities.

Solutions & Benefits

Fiserv is pushing technology-driven customer relationship management to its full potential. Our solutions make use of new technologies to reach customers where they live, work and play.

Regardless of your product and service delivery channels or your customers’ preferences, our customer relationship management and channel marketing services can deliver solutions to spur new account growth, account retention, expansion and profitability. All of our solutions are fortified with top-of-the-line security to ensure that every interaction is safe.

By taking advantage of affordable and convenient new ways of serving and communicating with your customers, you can help forge a lasting and more profitable relationship. Our customer relationship management products can help you:

  • Steer customers toward your most profitable channels
  • Communicate with customers anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices
  • Give customers greater choice and convenience in communication and account management
  • Retain more business and cross-sell additional financial services
  • Build greater customer satisfaction and loyalty

More in Customer & Channel Management

Account aggregation services

Account Aggregation Services

Financial institutions, wealth management firms, financial advisors, investors and mass market consumers rely on AllData® Account Aggregation to gather financial data for millions of consumers every day. Adding AllData® Aggregation to any existing platform, helps deliver an unparalleled blended data environment for any application.

We are powering the future of data aggregation:
  • Access to over 10 million accounts updated nightly
  • 35-year history of bank-level security and compliance
  • Up-time reliability and accuracy you can count on
  • Deeper data and enrichment from 18,000+ data sources

What Can Data Aggregation Do For Your Business?

Financial Technology

Use enhanced data to power your financial apps

Money Movement

Gain greater insights into banking and investor customer segments

Financial Wellness (PFM)

Provide users with a range of data to fit their individual needs

Wealth Management

Deliver best-in-class intelligent insights using comprehensive data

Account Verification

Streamline processes from opening accounts to safer online transactions

Lending Decisioning

Offer real-time access to financial data to make informed decisions


Bank Platforms

Choose a bank platform that fits your needs and strategies, available for in-house or outsourced processing. Each platform has a combination of services and features as unique as the needs of your organization, whether your institution is a de novo or holds billions of dollars in assets. We offer:
  • Innovation: Our advanced bank platforms provide financial institutions with the features and tools you need to effectively compete
  • Integration and openness: Fiserv integration capabilities empower you with standards-based, state-of-the-art integration to both Fiserv best-in-class and third-party solutions – helping you create unique customer experiences and pursue open banking strategies to grow your business
  • Insights and experience: Delight customers with the convenience, consistency and connectedness they increasingly demand. 

Branch Solutions

Efficient, expedient service is the hallmark of operational excellence at the branch level. Fiserv offers banking platforms and teller applications that speed branch processes and build stronger customer relationships.

Whether you have brick-and-mortar or virtual branches, branch banking is where you build customer relationships, cross-sell new products and increase wallet share. Your branches are your front line, and the people who work in them are the face and voice of your organization. 

Your customers demand speed, accuracy and courtesy, and your staff needs the tools to meet that demand. You need purpose-built industry solutions that streamline front- and back-office workflows to not only improve customer service, but also to keep behind-the-scenes operations running smoothly. Fiserv can help.
Branch solutions
Credit Union Platform

Credit Union Platform

Credit unions need a partner they can depend on for the technology that enables their goals. Fiserv has been serving credit unions of all sizes and charters nationwide for more than three decades.

Our associates’ deep knowledge of credit union operating models and passion for the industry inform the technology we provide. This is why Fiserv delivers a broader technology set than any other provider – offering strong core platforms, integrated channel solutions and more.

By taking a holistic approach from the mobile app to the back office, Fiserv supports credit unions in delivering engaging experiences, achieving operational efficiency and enjoying long-term success.

Electronic Billing & Payments Solutions

Count on our expertise to help you provide digital bill payment and presentment solutions that are intelligent, intuitive and interactive.

Consumers expect access to view and pay bills how and when they want. Meet those expectations with the largest electronic bill delivery network in the industry, complete with deep insight and analysis on the latest consumer and payment trends.

  • Makes online bill pay enrollment easy
  • Enables customers to view and pay bills safely and quickly – same-day and next-day payment options available
  • Streamlines billing operations
  • Affords billers flexible branding options
  • Includes service and support packages to suit each organization’s needs
  • Enables fraud mitigation
Electronic Billing
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Lending Solutions

Originate and service loans and leases more quickly and efficiently while minimizing risk to your lending operations. Fiserv offers superior loan processing solutions that reduce costs, generate revenue, allow you to stay focused in an increasingly competitive landscape, and position you for future growth.

Sound decision making and speed are important in the lending business. With both revenues and profit margins being squeezed, every customer contact must produce the best possible return. This requires solutions that automate and consolidate lending processes so you can boost your efficiency and reduce transaction costs.

With the right combination of lending services and integrated technology solutions, Fiserv can help you deliver top-quality customer service while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with real-time processing and risk management.

Loyalty & Reward Solutions

At Fiserv, we designed our rewards programs to do more than reward customer loyalty; they build revenue and help you shape future business growth just the way you want.

Today’s savvy consumers want more than a competitive interest rate and good service; they expect to be rewarded for their customer loyalty. Loyalty and reward programs offer financial institutions an opportunity to distinguish themselves, to foster a more customer-centric brand image and to retain valuable customers.

There are two sides to a successful card loyalty program: customer happiness and revenue generation. Rather than just handing out goodies, you need to encourage and reward credit and debit cardholder spending behaviors that contribute to your bottom line. Fiserv can help. 

Loyalty & Reward Solutions
Mobile Solutions main

Mobile Solutions

Meet the growing demands of your customers’ mobile banking needs and rapidly achieve a compelling return on investment with Mobile Solutions from Fiserv.

Consumers demand access to mobile banking, such as mobile person-to-person (P2P) payments. Offering your customers mobile banking solutions is a necessity in order to stay competitive in the financial services industry. It is important for businesses to adopt enterprise-wide mobile financial services strategies that will enhance your customers’ banking experiences and at the same time give you significant returns on your investment. More financial institutions globally and in the U.S. trust mobile solutions from Fiserv than from any other vendor.

We offer the industry’s leading mobile banking, alerting, database access, workflow, and payments solutions, perfect for banks and credit unions of all sizes.

Online Banking Solutions

Award-winning Online Banking Solutions from Fiserv empower you to attract new customers and enrich their online experience. You increase touch points, target markets more effectively, grow wallet share and increase profits.
Whether you want an out-of-the box Internet banking solution or one that can be customized to be integrated with your own or third-party applications, we have solutions to help you attract new customers and enrich their online experience while increasing your own efficiency and profits.

Our Online Banking Solutions have received industry recognition and awards, as well as top rankings from leading analyst firms. The awards recognize not only how easy our solutions are to use, but also how they create enhanced revenue opportunities for financial institutions.
Online Banking Solutions
Output Solutions

Output Solutions

Output Solutions from Fiserv delivers business-critical communications, direct marketing, and payment card solutions for thousands of companies in the financial services, healthcare, billing, utility, insurance, lending, retail, travel, entertainment and other industries.

No matter the channel or device, improving customer engagement requires getting the right information to the right person through the right channel. Fiserv supports many industries, helping organizations with best-in-class composition, production and delivery of: 
  • Bills, statements, invoices, notices and other documents
  • Card manufacturing and personalization
  • Checks, explanation of benefits and tax forms
  • Commercial printing
  • Operational supplies

Personal Payments

Whether repaying a friend for concert tickets, adding funds to a college student’s checking account, paying rent – even paying contractors – people want faster and easier ways to send money. Fiserv offers proven personal payment solutions for a variety of situations.

Personal payments services allow your customers to conduct personal or even business-related financial transactions quickly and easily. They can send money to or receive money from anyone they know, and all that’s needed is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number.

Popmoney® and Digital Disbursements from Fiserv, along with Zelle® offered in partnership with Early Warning, all leverage a proven payments infrastructure that offers the same quality, speed and intuitive usability you’ve experienced from our online bill payments solutions for more than two decades. Integrating one or more these services of into your suite of digital payments offerings gives you a service and a brand that is backed by Fiserv, a payments industry leader.

Personal Payment Service