Insights & Optimization

Your data can and must be put to work. Fiserv offers solutions that can help you maximize the quality and effectiveness of every customer communication, enhance operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

How can you best deploy your finite resources to drive franchise value? Your organization has data that, when mined effectively, can lead you to greater success and profitability. But the quest for better business intelligence can be resource intensive. Fiserv can help you process that data into conclusions that will enhance your operating efficiency without getting stuck in the predicament of complexity. We’re a reliable, experienced partner who can help you not only uncover this intelligence but also help you communicate more effectively with your customers once you acquire it.

Solutions & Benefits

At Fiserv, we offer a breadth of tools and expertise to thoroughly analyze your financial, customer and market data, and deliver the business solutions you need to achieve your objectives. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

  • Bank Intelligence Solutions: Instantly pinpoint your best opportunities for profit, growth and risk, and immediately filter appropriate implementable solutions
  • Revenue Enhancement Solutions: Increase revenue and value creation with proven business optimization practices
  • Currency Supply Chain Management: Meet enterprise cash optimization requirements, reduce transportation expenses, track asset transfers, analyze and manage devices and comply with regulatory policies
  • Information Management Solutions: Eliminate “spreadsheet chaos” and paper trails that cripple business operations
  • Output Solutions: Optimize customer contact to gain more business and strengthen relationships

More in Insights & Optimization

Account aggregation services

Account Aggregation Services

Financial institutions, wealth management firms, financial advisors, investors and mass market consumers rely on AllData® Account Aggregation to gather financial data for millions of consumers every day. Adding AllData® Aggregation to any existing platform, helps deliver an unparalleled blended data environment for any application.

We are powering the future of data aggregation:
  • Access to over 10 million accounts updated nightly
  • 35-year history of bank-level security and compliance
  • Up-time reliability and accuracy you can count on
  • Deeper data and enrichment from 18,000+ data sources

What Can Data Aggregation Do For Your Business?

Financial Technology

Use enhanced data to power your financial apps

Money Movement

Gain greater insights into banking and investor customer segments

Financial Wellness (PFM)

Provide users with a range of data to fit their individual needs

Wealth Management

Deliver best-in-class intelligent insights using comprehensive data

Account Verification

Streamline processes from opening accounts to safer online transactions

Financial Wellness (PFM)

Provide users with a range of data to fit their individual needs

Bank Intelligence Solutions

Combining financial analysis, market analysis and expert advice, Bank Intelligence Solutions from Fiserv yield instant, objective conclusions to help maximize a bank’s franchise value.

High performers don’t work harder — they just work on the right things.

This is the premise for our unique Bank Intelligence Solutions. We’ve developed a suite of decision and deployment tools to help you identify and implement the right strategies for your financial institution — making the best use of your finite resources to maximize your franchise value.
Bank Intelligence

Systems Integration Services

Systems Integration Services from Fiserv helps clients across every stage of digital transformation as they look to achieve agility and operational efficiency, securely in today’s interconnected on-demand world.

Digital transformation has created a myriad of opportunities for organizations of all sizes. Systems Integration Services from Fiserv delivers a range of leading-edge professional services to help clients transform their business efficiently, effectively, and securely. This brings clients the benefits of scale and global expertise across a range of services, including systems integration, cloud and infrastructure, cybersecurity and intelligent automation. With Systems Integration Services, you receive the deep industry expertise of Fiserv – the leader in financial services technology – with the ability to scale IT services for today’s interconnected, on-demand world. 

Cash & Logistics

Reduce costs and optimize efficiency using a single, integrated cash management platform. Financial institutions benefit from automated branch operations, while banks, credit unions and retailers keep their growing cash and device enterprise optimally stocked and consistently available to meet consumers’ expectations.

Supplying cash, cash handling and managing self-service devices can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive. With growing reliance on self-service devices, it’s critical to provide 24/7 device access and availability. Our solutions help you meet consumer expectations for fast and convenient service while reducing cost and improving availability of devices.

Fiserv offers certified and integrated advanced self-service and cash automation solutions to drive your branch transformation initiatives to new levels of productivity, cost-control and convenience for consumers.

Enterprise content management

Enterprise Content Management

Fiserv supports you in every aspect of your transition to a digital back office, with enterprise content management solutions that improve operational efficiency, streamline business processes, improve electronic records management and increase profitability.
There’s more to becoming a truly digital institution than just digitizing forms and customer statements.

To get the full efficiency and cost-savings benefits of digital transformation, you need a comprehensive system for processing, storing, notating and retrieving documents across your enterprise, along with the tools to manage critical business content and processes. These systems must provide automation to help streamline key business processes, but also improve every aspect of working with electronic records, including reporting, auditing, security and compliance issues. We can help.

Automated, content-driven processes to enable your digital back office

Save time and lower
operating costs

Increase operational
efficiency and
consumer satisfaction

Eliminate manual, 
repetitive tasks

Create cross-enterprise 

Improve governance, 
risk and compliance

Transition to 
automated processes 
and workflows

Information Management Solutions

Information Management Solutions from Fiserv help you collect, organize and analyze data from across your enterprise. These solutions give you insightful business intelligence to drive revenue growth, improve efficiencies, reduce risk and improve customer service.

Capturing, trending and analyzing customer and member data from multiple sources — including both core business data and third-party data — will provide complete understanding of your current and past business conditions across your entire enterprise. 

Infomation Management Solutions

Professional Services

Maximize the business value of your technology investment with Professional Services from Fiserv.

Professional Services from Fiserv provides the bridge between technology and business value, enabling you to make the most of your IT investments, and get a head start on leveraging emerging technologies. Our end-to-end services – from product implementation through complete managed services – give you the smooth transition and ongoing support you need to embrace your digital transformation.

Our global footprint includes delivery centers in the U.S., Costa Rica and India, giving you access to thousands of highly knowledgeable associates with vast domain experience as well as 24/7 availability and the cost benefits of an integrated global delivery model.

Professional Services from Fiserv

Advisory Services

Grow deposits, increase efficiency and reduce risk

Business Technology Services

Maximize IT investments with systems integration, development, data and intelligent automation

SentrySM Managed Services

Benefit from end-to-end cloud, infrastructure management, networking and unified communications services

Cybersecurity Solutions

Deploy leading-edge security orchestration, automation and response

Web Design Services

Deliver the web experience consumers expect

Professional Services for Banks

Leverage deep expertise in data analytics and financial services with managed and project services

Professional Services for Credit Unions

Capture optimal benefits from your technology investments and make your credit union run smoothly

Raddon a Fiserv Company

Drive exceptional performance with Raddon’s strategy, marketing, and training and development services