Every day, consumers are counting on you to help them move money quickly and securely. Fiserv offers a full range of efficient in-house and outsourced payment solutions that help you match the speed of consumers' expectations.

Consumers and businesses are redefining how they want to interact with their financial institutions and the types of services they want to access – making an institution’s geographic footprint less important and its ability to connect with consumers and businesses on their own terms mission critical. We’re helping businesses find innovative solutions that cut costs, protect and grow revenue, and mitigate risks associated with the payment process – while attracting and growing their customer relationships.

Solutions & Benefits

Whether your customers are paying in person or online, our solutions allow you to maximize the potential of electronic payment processing. For instance, we offer one common source capture platform for handling check deposits at all payment points: merchant, branch, consumer, regional center and ATM. We also offer a range of innovative, fully integrated in-house and outsourced payment solutions designed to meet your needs and your customers’ changing demands, while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Today, electronic transactions have become the preferred payment method – over checks and even cash. By leveraging innovation and focusing on our collective strengths, we help clients navigate through this changing landscape. Our payments technology solutions help you:

  • Reduce operational costs associated with multiple payment channels
  • Protect and grow your business
  • Mitigate and manage fraud, risk and compliance issues

More in Payments


ACH Solutions

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Solutions from Fiserv have been recognized as the industry standard in ACH processing for nearly three decades. They increase efficiency and easily handle your ever-increasing transaction volumes. Your business can replace slow, error-prone manual processes with automated processing and online access to our real-time system. Below are just a few of the key advantages:

  • Online access
  • Automated settlement
  • Multi-institutional processing
  • Robust risk mitigation tools
  • Debit authorization/protection
  • Comprehensive return item processing
  • Extensive reporting 

ATM Solutions

Fiserv has experience providing proven ATM and card payment solutions to more than 3,200 financial institutions. We offer total management and operations support focused specifically on the management of your ATM network. In addition to basic transactions like cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, we can also help provide more conveniences for your cardholders. There are a number of features your ATM service can offer, including:
  • Remote check image capture
  • Mixed deposits
  • Multi-language support
  • Remote key transport
  • Multi-currency
  • No-envelope deposits
  • Stamp purchases
  • PIN changes

Bank Platforms

Choose a bank platform that fits your needs and strategies, available for in-house or outsourced processing. Each platform has a combination of services and features as unique as the needs of your organization, whether your institution is a de novo or holds billions of dollars in assets. We offer:
  • Innovation: Our advanced bank platforms provide financial institutions with the features and tools you need to effectively compete
  • Integration and openness: Fiserv integration capabilities empower you with standards-based, state-of-the-art integration to both Fiserv best-in-class and third-party solutions – helping you create unique customer experiences and pursue open banking strategies to grow your business
  • Insights and experience: Delight customers with the convenience, consistency and connectedness they increasingly demand. 

Bill Payment Solutions

Meet consumers’ growing demands with payment and presentment solutions that are more convenient for your customers and more efficient for your business.

Working with a single provider enables businesses to operate more efficiently. Your business can eliminate the operational complexity and reduce the expense associated with managing multiple payment systems and funding methods.

Consumers want to manage their bills and payments, “Whenever, Wherever, However.” With our solutions, you can increase customer satisfaction and promote self-service payment habits by meeting customers at their preferred billing and payment channels – mobile, online, in-person, by phone or mail. 


Card Solutions

Card Solutions from Fiserv provide complete debit, credit and ATM payment services to financial institutions as well as Accel®, a premier payments network.

Today’s payments environment includes shifting economic forces, restrictive regulatory oversight, and ever-changing fraud threats that are all having a significant impact on your institution’s revenue growth opportunities and profitability.

Card Solutions enable you to grow your payments business. Our products, services and strategies maximize revenue, increase customer acquisition, improve retention, reduce expense, minimize risk and increase share of wallet. Fiserv can help you deploy payments strategies, products and services that can help you thrive in today’s changing environment.

Case Management & Resolution

We offer an image-based, rules-based and workflow-enabled case management and resolution system that can handle adjustment and dispute types such as ACH, ATM, bill pay, and debit and credit card transactions while dramatically increasing efficiency, reducing costs and reducing risk. With Case Management & Resolution from Fiserv, you can:
  • Improve productivity: Using rules-based case management, prioritization and reporting, your operators and managers can resolve cases more efficiently. 
  • Eliminate paper processing of payment disputes: Our solution eliminates paper handling and improves customer service. You get image-based processing and electronic communications with payment processors and networks. 
  • Manage an evolving payments environment: Our single solution streamlines back-office case resolution processes and exceptions management, yielding greater results for your organization

Cash & Logistics

Reduce costs and optimize efficiency using a single, integrated cash management platform. Financial institutions benefit from automated branch operations, while banks, credit unions and retailers keep their growing cash and device enterprise optimally stocked and consistently available to meet consumers’ expectations.

Supplying cash, cash handling and managing self-service devices can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive. With growing reliance on self-service devices, it’s critical to provide 24/7 device access and availability. Our solutions help you meet consumer expectations for fast and convenient service while reducing cost and improving availability of devices.

Fiserv offers certified and integrated advanced self-service and cash automation solutions to drive your branch transformation initiatives to new levels of productivity, cost-control and convenience for consumers.

Credit & Debit Solutions

Whether it’s for consumers who use payment cards as a convenient alternative to cash and checks at retail locations, via telephone, or on the Internet, or for a business where the cards are linked to a business account, Fiserv expertise can make your program a success.

  • Credit: Fiserv offers both an integrated, full-service credit card management solution that uses a globally recognized processing platform and a gateway solution that works virtually the same way as signature debit. Our expertise includes commercial credit processing for lines of credit, installment loans and co-branded private label credit
  • Debit: Our debit card processing services for Visa® Debit, Debit Mastercard and Discover® Debit enable you to extend purchasing power to your cardholders at the point-of-sale or provide convenient cash access at ATMs worldwide. Our Accel debit payments network delivers the real-time payments and funds access consumers demand, anytime and anywhere 
Credit Union Platform

Credit Union Platform

Credit unions need a partner they can depend on for the technology that enables their goals. Fiserv has been serving credit unions of all sizes and charters nationwide for more than three decades.

Our associates’ deep knowledge of credit union operating models and passion for the industry inform the technology we provide. This is why Fiserv delivers a broader technology set than any other provider – offering strong core platforms, integrated channel solutions and more.

By taking a holistic approach from the mobile app to the back office, Fiserv supports credit unions in delivering engaging experiences, achieving operational efficiency and enjoying long-term success.

Deposit Liquidity Solutions

Every consumer’s financial situation is different, and they’re looking to you to meet their unique needs in real time. When they need access to funds or lending resources, they want it fast, convenient and tailored for them.

Consumer spending habits have changed. They want the convenience and protection of instant funds availability for deposits, small-dollar loan options and overdraft limits based on their profile and behavior. If their financial institution doesn’t provide these services, consumers often turn to nontraditional loan providers – which can be detrimental to both you and them.

With Deposit Liquidity Solutions from Fiserv, you provide your account holders a balanced set of options that help them meet their immediate needs, setting you apart from typical one-size-fits-all offerings. Your financial institution can easily deliver a suite of liquidity products focused on accountholder satisfaction while maintaining regulatory compliance and increasing noninterest income. 
Deposit Liquidity Solutions
Electronic Billing

Electronic Billing & Payments Solutions

Digital Payment Solutions from Fiserv include:

CheckFree Product Suite: Deliver compelling bill payment experiences in an increasingly competitive space and make it easy for consumers to pay bills and receive and view their bills electronically with CheckFree® NextSM, CheckFree® RXP® or CheckFree® Builder®.

Turnkey Service for Zelle®: Get to market faster with less complexity and give consumers an easy way to send and receive P2P payments within the security of their financial institution.

TransferNow: Provide consumers with an easy and secure way to transfer funds between accounts and financial institutions in one convenient online account-to-account transfer platform.

FraudNet™: Enable your financial institution to proactively identify potential fraudulent threats, mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance with this powerful automated transaction engine.

Enterprise Payments Platform

Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv enables financial institutions to simplify their payments infrastructure and deliver an effective payments strategy. We help you streamline payments workflows, modernize and replace legacy technology, and create new customer products and services.

Real-time. Instant. Digital. Secure. Any financial institution processing retail or corporate payments must address these challenges to stay competitive. Providing a payments infrastructure that enables fast, reliable, extensible payments processing and connectivity, regardless of how and where you do it, is a necessity.

Enterprise Payments Platform delivers the infrastructure you need to meet your clients’ needs. These solutions offer fast, efficient payments processing for any and all payments types and clearing schemes, including ACH, wire, and instant – such as SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) and The Clearing House (TCH) real-time payments, across the U.S., Europe. the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. 

Float Management

Float Management Solutions

Float Management Solutions from Fiserv can help banks model, predict and react optimally to change in float for maximum bank profitability.

As financial institutions increase the volume of electronically cleared checks, they require fewer float staff resources. The movement of paper required analysis of certain transportation and processing steps that have been eliminated in an electronic environment. But as the number and quality of float resources decline, a key question concerns bank profitability: How can a bank continue to optimize what remains a significant cost base?

Learning to model, predict and react optimally to changes in float can ultimately have a significant impact on the bottom line. For many banks, improving float profitability remains a powerful but underutilized tactic for revenue enhancement. 

Deposit Solutions

Fiserv offers a complete menu of Deposit Solutions to streamline your deposit operations, manage deposit risk and offer convenience to your accountholders. Key offerings include:

Deposit Liquidity Solutions: Regardless of the state of the economy, more and more account holders are looking for ways to make their money work for them.

SmarterPay: Discretionary overdraft limits can allow your best customers to overdraw to meet their liquidity needs within their means while reducing risk of loss.

Immediate Funds: Accelerated funds availability gives your accountholders the ability to get access to deposited check funds immediately instead of applying the hold policy, without adding any risk to the institution. 

Deposit Solutions
Mobile Solutions main

Mobile Solutions

Meet the growing demands of your customers’ mobile banking needs and rapidly achieve a compelling return on investment with Mobile Solutions from Fiserv.

Consumers demand access to mobile banking, such as mobile person-to-person (P2P) payments. Offering your customers mobile banking solutions is a necessity in order to stay competitive in the financial services industry. It is important for businesses to adopt enterprise-wide mobile financial services strategies that will enhance your customers’ banking experiences and at the same time give you significant returns on your investment. More financial institutions globally and in the U.S. trust mobile solutions from Fiserv than from any other vendor.

We offer the industry’s leading mobile banking, alerting, database access, workflow, and payments solutions, perfect for banks and credit unions of all sizes. 

Output Solutions

Output Solutions from Fiserv delivers business-critical communications, direct marketing, and payment card solutions for thousands of companies in the financial services, healthcare, billing, utility, insurance, lending, retail, travel, entertainment and other industries. No matter the channel or device, improving customer engagement requires getting the right information to the right person through the right channel. Fiserv supports many industries, helping organizations with best-in-class composition, production and delivery of:
  • Bills, statements, invoices, notices and other documents
  • Card manufacturing and personalization
  • Checks, explanation of benefits and tax forms
  • Commercial printing
  • Operational supplies
Output Solutions
Payments Network

Payments Network

Provide consumers anytime, anywhere access to their funds – online, at ATMs and at point-of-sale (POS) locations nationwide – with Payments Network from Fiserv.  Consumers and small businesses increasingly rely on mobile devices and other emerging technologies to conduct all kinds of transactions. They serve as the main source for your consumers’ payment needs and meet their expectations to make payments and access funds in real-time wherever, whenever and however they choose.
Payments Network from Fiserv enables you to provide secure, streamlined transactions to your consumers, giving them access to funds they need in real-time when they need them.
Our Payment Network Offerings: 

Personal Payments

Whether repaying a friend for concert tickets, adding funds to a college student’s checking account, paying rent – even paying contractors – people want faster and easier ways to send money. Fiserv offers proven personal payment solutions for a variety of situations.

Personal payments services allow your customers to conduct personal or even business-related financial transactions quickly and easily. They can send money to or receive money from anyone they know, and all that’s needed is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number.

Zelle®, Popmoney® and Digital Disbursements all leverage a proven payments infrastructure that offers the same quality, speed and intuitive usability you’ve experienced from our online bill payments solutions for more than two decades. Integrating one or more these services of into your suite of digital payments offerings gives you a service and a brand that is backed by Fiserv, a payments industry leader. 

Personal Payment Service
Remittance Solutions

Remittance Solutions

This can help financial institutions enhance customer relationships and grow valuable fee-based revenues and deposits, but building and maintaining the solution in-house can require major capital and staff expenditures. Instead, outsource to Fiserv. Rely on our remittance processing solutions, imaging technology and expertise to shift your costs from fixed to variable. 

Our national network of lockbox sites processes the full breadth of lockbox transactions and facilitates your customers’ transition to electronic payments. We capture images of checks and documents, deposit your customers’ funds, create image cash letters for electronic clearing and report detailed payment information online more efficiently than ever before.

In addition, we offer revenue cycle management solutions for the healthcare industry and comprehensive receivables management services for property managers. And all solutions are private-labeled so your customers see only your logo and brand name.

Treasury Management

Our treasury management solutions are designed to address the needs of organizations managing cash and other assets across the globe. The primary goal of our solutions is to maximize investments and grow the corporate treasury.

These solutions increase operational efficiencies while eliminating unnecessary capital expenditures, reducing costs and improving and minimizing losses due to fraud – all while meeting the needs of your business customers and growing your revenue base.

We deliver leading-edge services regardless of your institution’s size or transaction volumes. Treasury Management provides immediate cost savings in staffing, computing capacity, physical footprint, software maintenance, upgrade projects and implementation costs.
Treasury Management
Walk in solutions

Walk-in Solutions

Cash remains a go-to bill payment method for many consumers. Meanwhile, billers are faced with the need to balance consumer demand with the cost and time associated with offering walk-in payments.

CheckFreePay® enables billers to offer the convenience of walk-in services through a large network of retailers, convenience stores, grocery stores, neighborhood bodegas and more. Our expansive network allows billers and agents to grow their relationships with existing customers and gain new ones.

With a robust and growing portfolio of partners, paying in cash has never been easier for your customers. And, because merchants leverage the CheckFreePay® interface to process payments, accepting cash has never been easier for billers.