Processings Services

Whether your company wants to process in-house or take advantage of all the benefits of an outsourced approach, Fiserv offers implementation paths to the industry's most comprehensive account and remittance processing choices.

Account-based transactions drive your business – and they account for an untold number of visible and invisible connections to your customers each day. The quality of your processing service matters like never before; it can protect against reputational risk, competitive disadvantage and customer attrition.

Your customers need convenience. You need speed, security and reliability. You also need an effective strategy for keeping up with new processing technology, complying with new financial regulations, streamlining systems, improving services, controlling costs and preventing fraud. Fiserv can help.

Solutions & Benefits

From bank platform and credit union platforms to consumer electronic bill payment, item processing solutions, remittance solutions, and integrated ATM, debit, credit and prepaid services, Fiserv provides banks and credit unions of all sizes a truly comprehensive array of choices – delivered on the most popular software suites and technology platforms.

Processing Services from Fiserv include:

  • The widest range of bank platforms – from in-house options to outsourced environments – that best meet an institution’s budget and goals
  • Service-oriented architecture that drives unlimited integration
  • Straight-through check processing that combines electronic clearing and remote deposit capture technology to deliver immediate, paperless results
  • End-to-end account processing solutions that enable you to manage transactions efficiently while minimizing risk
  • High-quality, private-label remittance processing solutions for financial institutions delivered via a national lockbox network and incorporating the latest imaging technology

More in Processing Services

Account Processing Solutions

Account Processing Services

Account Processing Solutions from Fiserv help banks, thrifts and credit unions create a reliable bank platform to reduce risk and drive efficiency using all channels of banking activity.
Whether your organization is a bank, credit union or thrift, processing account-based transactions is at the very heart of your business. Each transaction is a reference point that reflects the speed, service, efficiency and overall competitiveness of your organization.

When you get account processing right, your customers are satisfied and your workforce is maximally utilized — and your profits go up as a result. When you get it wrong, you can expect it to wreak havoc throughout the enterprise, especially on the bottom line.

A reliable, flexible banking platform can take the uncertainty out of your account processing fulfillment. Fiserv can help.

ATM Solutions

Fiserv has experience providing proven ATM and card payment solutions to more than 3,200 financial institutions. We offer total management and operations support focused specifically on the management of your ATM network. In addition to basic transactions like cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, we can also help provide more conveniences for your cardholders. There are a number of features your ATM service can offer, including:
  • Remote check image capture
  • Mixed deposits
  • Multi-language support
  • Remote key transport
  • Multi-currency
  • No-envelope deposits
  • Stamp purchases
  • PIN changes

Biller Solutions

Billing organizations have relied on Fiserv solutions and expertise to reduce costs, drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction for more than 30 years. We offer:
  • The broadest single-source range of channels: Mobile, online banking, biller website, walk-in, interactive voice response (IVR) system, customer service representative (CSR)-assisted, and print and mail
  • The largest e-bill and online bill pay network: Exclusive access to more than 75 million online banking users and nearly 25 million active bill payment users at almost 4,000 financial institutions. 
  • Walk-in payment expertise and reach: More than 22,000 retail locations, including national brands and local favorites
  • Card-funded bill payment: 36 percent of U.S. households pay bills with credit cards; 59 percent of consumers don’t know or don’t think that billers pay interchange fees. Fiserv can help you bridge this divide

Card Solutions

Card Solutions from Fiserv provide complete debit, credit and ATM payment services to financial institutions as well as Accel®, a premier payments network.

Today’s payments environment includes shifting economic forces, restrictive regulatory oversight, and ever-changing fraud threats that are all having a significant impact on your institution’s revenue growth opportunities and profitability.

Card Solutions enable you to grow your payments business. Our products, services and strategies maximize revenue, increase customer acquisition, improve retention, reduce expense, minimize risk and increase share of wallet. Fiserv can help you deploy payments strategies, products and services that can help you thrive in today’s changing environment.

Credit & Debit Solutions

Whether it’s for consumers who use payment cards as a convenient alternative to cash and checks at retail locations, via telephone, or on the Internet, or for a business where the cards are linked to a business account, Fiserv expertise can make your program a success.
  • Credit: Fiserv offers both an integrated, full-service credit card management solution that uses a globally recognized processing platform and a gateway solution that works virtually the same way as signature debit. Our expertise includes commercial credit processing for lines of credit, installment loans and co-branded private label credit
  • Debit: Our debit card processing services for Visa® Debit, Debit Mastercard® and Discover® Debit enable you to extend purchasing power to your cardholders at the point-of-sale or provide convenient cash access at ATMs worldwide. Our Accel® debit payments network delivers the real-time payments and funds access consumers demand, anytime and anywhere

Credit Union Platform

Credit unions need a partner they can depend on for the technology that enables their goals. Fiserv has been serving credit unions of all sizes and charters nationwide for more than three decades.

Our associates’ deep knowledge of credit union operating models and passion for the industry inform the technology we provide. This is why Fiserv delivers a broader technology set than any other provider – offering strong core platforms, integrated channel solutions and more.

By taking a holistic approach from the mobile app to the back office, Fiserv supports credit unions in delivering engaging experiences, achieving operational efficiency and enjoying long-term success.
Credit Union Platform
Deposit Solutions

Deposit Solutions

Fiserv offers a complete menu of Deposit Solutions to streamline your deposit operations, manage deposit risk and offer convenience to your accountholders. Key offerings include:

Deposit Liquidity Solutions: Regardless of the state of the economy, more and more account holders are looking for ways to make their money work for them.

SmarterPay: Discretionary overdraft limits can allow your best customers to overdraw to meet their liquidity needs within their means while reducing risk of loss.

Immediate Funds: Accelerated funds availability gives your accountholders the ability to get access to deposited check funds immediately instead of applying the hold policy, without adding any risk to the institution.

Institutional Management

Institutional Asset Management Solutions from Fiserv offer state-of-the-art software for the investment management community, including solutions for all of your back office needs, including fee billing, trade processing and high-volume performance calculations.

Institutional Asset Management Solutions comprise a full range of integrated technologies designed to help firms improve operational efficiencies in all areas of their business. Leverage the advanced technology of our Institutional Solutions and deliver better service, products and advice to your customers.

Institutional Solutions, designed with you and the investor in mind, can help you reduce manual processes, mitigate errors and risk, and improve operational efficiencies, all in a secure environment. Eliminate manual tasks and preserve that time to focus on what you do best: service customers.
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Lending Solutions

Originate and service loans and leases more quickly and efficiently while minimizing risk to your lending operations. Fiserv offers superior loan processing solutions that reduce costs, generate revenue, allow you to stay focused in an increasingly competitive landscape, and position you for future growth.

Whether you’re a high-volume originator or loan servicer, community bank, credit union or captive auto lender, you must also provide excellent customer value and minimize organizational risk. With the right combination of lending services and integrated technology solutions, Fiserv can help you deliver top-quality customer service while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with real-time processing and risk management. 

Output Solutions

Output Solutions from Fiserv delivers business-critical communications, direct marketing, and payment card solutions for thousands of companies in the financial services, healthcare, billing, utility, insurance, lending, retail, travel, entertainment and other industries.

No matter the channel or device, improving customer engagement requires getting the right information to the right person through the right channel. Fiserv supports many industries, helping organizations with best-in-class composition, production and delivery of: 
  • Bills, statements, invoices, notices and other documents
  • Card manufacturing and personalization
  • Checks, explanation of benefits and tax forms
  • Commercial printing
  • Operational supplies
Output Solutions
Remittance Solutions

Remittance Solutions

This can help financial institutions enhance customer relationships and grow valuable fee-based revenues and deposits, but building and maintaining the solution in-house can require major capital and staff expenditures. Instead, outsource to Fiserv. Rely on our remittance processing solutions, imaging technology and expertise to shift your costs from fixed to variable. 

Our national network of lockbox sites processes the full breadth of lockbox transactions and facilitates your customers’ transition to electronic payments. We capture images of checks and documents, deposit your customers’ funds, create image cash letters for electronic clearing and report detailed payment information online more efficiently than ever before.

In addition, we offer revenue cycle management solutions for the healthcare industry and comprehensive receivables management services for property managers. And all solutions are private-labeled so your customers see only your logo and brand name.

Wealth Management

For more than 30 years, Fiserv has served the technology needs of the wealth management industry, helping clients maximize efficiency and solve business challenges.
Fiserv offers front-to-back wealth and asset management solutions that support the needs of clients, advisors and the home office. Our integrated financial advice technology makes it easier than ever for advisors to collaborate with clients on retirement and goals-based planning, create investment proposals, open new accounts, and deliver financial advice across multiple clients and households. Choose from automated solutions for portfolio construction, trade execution and re-balancing, portfolio accounting, performance calculation and reporting, delivered in an end-to-end technology platform, to address your business priorities.
Wealth Management